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NEWS - COST Action CM1105 Facebook Group


This group was created to promote interaction between members of the COST Action CM1105, specially young members.
You are invited to share informations such as:
  • Publications in collaboration with other members of the WG1 or other WGs where COST is acknowledged
  • Publications that may be of interest for other members
  • Informations about conferences/meetings
The young members are invited to ask questions, propose ideas, etc, as well as help other members finding accommodations or other important informations for members participating, for example, in STSM. You are all also invited to share pictures you may have of meetings.

This group is secret and only invited guests can see the group, meaning, no one who doesn't belong to this group will see any posts, updates, photos (even if you are tagged) or even find the group through searching engines.

To join, please contact Dr. Alberta Bergamo


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